So I skipped Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night because it has been so bad, but luckily thought better of it this morning because I'm not halfway in and it's already the best episode of the season, only because Kim has this reunion with Jimmy McNichol at a fan confab.

But better than that, Kim Richards has a story about Jimmy McNichol grabbing her butt in the hallway when they were teenagers and her writing it in her diary and her little sister Kyle Richards reading it โ€” OF COURSE SHE WOULD โ€” and still bringing it up at dinner parties to embarrass Kim.

And in that moment, all my hatred of the Richards sisters for the infamous Game Night and Brandigate and that horrid battle in the limo and the shunning of Russell and Taylor and "slut pig" and all the rest (I'll do links later) just faded and Kyle and Kim are now my besties for sharing that story.

Because, just like the two guys and the girl and Kim, I TOO HAD A CRUSH ON JIMMY MCNICHOL. OMG. This was the best.


If anyone skipped last night, understandable, but you have to Tivo or whatever.