Written in Ink
Written in Ink

It's a very strange day today. We'd like to think that all human joys and sorrows can be felt equally but us Americans seem to have blinders to the horror shows that happen on the minute everywhere else on the planet. Gawker's Boston Marathon bombing photos are causing quite a stir for their gruesomeness, perceived lack of respect for the injured and our delicate sensibilities. My question: At what point do we determine it's time to look away?


The beauty of the internet doesn't end with access to knowledge for everyone; It's access to ALL knowledge - so long as China isn't involved. Or North Korea. We're getting the story from everyone with access to an internet connection. This means our stories aren’t getting polished for us the way they were before. The newspaper editor pensively deciding which photo to run for tomorrow’s print has been replaced by millions of cell phone journalists, reporting their little hearts out, no filter but a fuck-ton of typos.

Now we’re here on Crosstalk, starting another conversation about Conversation. I’m glad to be part of it. We can be enraptured and disgusted by every human moment we bring to each other’s attention but I don’t think we’re being disrespectful. I think we’re becoming so respectful of the human condition that we’re racing to see everyone’s whole story, no filters. We can’t look away and we shouldn’t.

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