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One from the Archives

A million years ago (or really in 2009), the first time Richard Lawson quit Gawker, he was replaced by Richard Rushfield, who was considered a marquee name with a reputation of his own. I could find some specific quotes if I bothered to look, but basically it was eventually mutually decided that Rushfield may not have been the best fit for the Gawker universe, so he went on to other pastures at at some point shortly thereafter, Lawson returned.

In my opinion, one of Rushfield's greatest missteps during his term at Gawker was a post he wrote, titled "Why Is Sandra Bullock Still a Star". In honor of yet another appearance of her on Gawker and because I think the comment bombardment Rushfield suffered is a great example of commenter consensus and a blogger misreading their audience, I thought I'd offer a link.


Full Disclosure: In the default "featured" thread, @Raincoaster refers to someone comparing Ms. Bullock to Sally Field. That commenter was me.

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