Lost in all the "woe is he" coverage of the Pizza Hut Guy is the fact that he sent a letter to his employer saying that he expected to be fired, which he had not, so he really quit. Except now the franchise owner is offering him his job back, which he hadn't really lost, so if he accepts their offer (which he may not do because he's received other offers), he really just stayed home a few days.

The restaurant was still open and the added publicity may have boosted sales — people who didn't know that Pizza Hut would be open, probably learned from the coverage — so it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll be open again next year. (Correction: Maybe not)

What's also kind of indicative of a problem coming from blog culture are the number of people saying that they don't want any pizza, so no one else should or that they don't think people will be going out for pizza on that particular day, so they won't. Well, the location in question, which was in the original video (embedded below) and pictured by Google StreetView does look like it has a few booths, but it is probably mostly a takeout place.


And all these people saying that nobody eats pizza, apparently aren't aware or are forgetting that there are Pizza Huts with drive-thrus along the interstates, which could be a meal option for people traveling that day; there are people working (like tow truck operators and cops) who have to eat and they are Pizza Huts inside of other businesses such as truck stops and probably some hospitals. They are not just the thing with the red roof outside of the mall anymore.

Not to mention that everybody keeps shorthanding it down "Pizza Hut", a division of Yum!, while this fellow's interactions were with the franchise owner.


The fellow may have taken some kind of moral stand, but you have to assume that it was a last straw and that he went to the media in hopes of finding something better. Once it went viral, he may have hoped the internet would give him a few bucks or find him a better job, but thus far, he stayed home a few days and now this story comes up, when you Google his name.


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