Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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I get in the shower. I turn the water on, expecting water to come out of the faucet. Instead, someone did not switch the doohickey that makes the water come out of the shower head back to the faucet setting. Thus, ice cold water is spraying from the shower head. I retreat to the rear of the shower and am then left with a decision.


Do I stay in the rear of the shower and wait for the water to warm up, all the while the lower half of my body is being splashed with ice cold water? Or do I suck it up and reach for the thingamajig to switch the water back to the faucet, resulting in my entire upper body being coated in ice cold water? It is trying times such as these where heroes are made. I go for the doodad. I switch the water flow back to the faucet. I wait for the water to heat up. I switch the flow back to the shower head. Sweet, sweet warmth. And so begins my day...

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