I'm so tired of speculating about who is in the closet and who isn't. It always represents a simplistic view of sexuality and cast Queer identities in such a problematic light. I think the idea that anyone slightly emotionally fucked up are in the closet (straight people aren't fucked up) or people who are homophobic are in the closet (b/c straight people—er, rather, straight men aren't homophobic. Apparently this doesn't apply to women). Awkward? Secretly gay! Right wing republican. GAY! Now I'm not denying that there are hypocrites on the right or Hollywood types not out, but I think at some point we gotta get beyond this point where we still treat sexuality as if it is this thing that lurks and makes people crazy.

At some point, we gotta start being more sophisticated about it and start realizing that sexuality is complicated but our society strives to simplify it. Homophobia and other forms of persecution is still a huge issue but the conversation needs to change (and it is..it is) People need to be supported more and more to come out when they are ready without other people labeling the behavior. People have the right to self definition and no one has some infinite insight where they can define other people's sexuality.

Seriously man, I'm tired of people treating Queer identities like dirty little secrets. YMMV.

What are you tired of, Crosstalkers?