Dear users of the English language,

Conversate is not a word, nor is conversating. It's converse, and conversing.

That is all.


A person whose skin crawls every time I hear someone use these words.

P.S. Commenters please feel free to add any other words you deem necessary for inclusion.

ETA: Irregardless is included with this list of no-no's. The word you're probably looking for is regardless, irrespective, or nevertheless.


"Incase" is not "in case". Incase/encase actually means to enclose an item.

Also, "is" vs "are" has always confused me. So I'll table my opinion for now.

Example: "...any perceived losses are made up later..."


"Any perceived losses is made up later..."

I'm thinking the subject being plural, or singular is the deciding factor. I realize I could Google the answer, but I'm posing the question in case others have the same confusion.