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No time for a diorama today but I do have a treat (?) for you.

The final episode and Christmas Special from the failed sitcom Woops! Oh it's about some people who find a farm after a nuclear war, yeah it's a sitcom and the "OMG, feminist!" jokes are funny bad as is the never ending wardrobe of the feminist lady (she may have found a Chico's store in the basement).

As described by Meredith Woerner on Io9:

The show is made up of a banker, a homeless guy (whose running joke is stating good news and then saying "just kidding," a feminist, a hot chick nail technician, an african american and the main character a school teacher (who played Harry in Sex in the City). Just to give you an idea of what sort of mind boggling plots were kicked around the writer's room, the Christmas Special (of course there was a Christmas Special) stars Stuart Pankin as Santa Claus, who is suffering from survivor's guilt. Because only Santa made it to the fallout shelter in time — the elves and Mrs. Claus are all dead.


I actually watched the entire episode they have on Io9 today, I'm not saying anyone should watch it but if you have time for Duggars you might make some room for Woops!.

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Pretty cool seeing Anita Hill today!!

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