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Written in Ink
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Operating room hijinks always fun until Mr. Cameraphone shows up

Putting someone out cold with anesthesia is nice, but it's not as nice as putting funny stickers on their face and instagramming that shit. Well, this surgical team in Torrence, CA seems to think so, anyway. The patient? Well, the patient has no sense of humor. But she does have a lawyer.

From the LA Times:

Torrance Memorial said in a statement that this "breach of professionalism regrettably did occur" and those involved "demonstrated poor judgment" while caring for Veronica Valdez, 36, who worked at the hospital for 13 years before the surgery.


Her anesthesiologist, Dr. Patrick Yang, was disciplined but kept his privileges at the hospital, and the employees involved in the incident likewise were disciplined but not fired, according to the hospital.

Also, as part of the litigation in Los Angeles County Superior Court, a hospital manager disclosed in a deposition an earlier incident at Torrance Memorial in which a medical-device salesman took photos of a naked patient without the patient's knowledge. The hospital disputes that photos were taken in that incident.


Who needs death panels when we have operating room hijinks like this? Thanks, Obama. Thanks a lot.

[via @nycjim]

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