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Ostracism, Gawker Style

I'm not sure what happened, so I may have this wrong, but it seems to me that I got hit with a banhammer of some sort.

[edit: I'm very confused at this point. Some comments survived. I might be experiencing more glitch than banhammer.]

I posted in a couple of places this afternoon. I was mean to Jordan Sargent and brought a lot of negative comments about one of his articles into the black.


Soon after, all of my comments for all time seemed to disappear. My blog posts also disappeared, and I was back in the grays. I posted a couple of "Jordan Sargent just banhammered me" comments on a couple of different threads, and they too got dismissed.

If you go to

There is nothing there.

I don't know if it was Jordan Sargent who did this, and I'm not really sure whether this is a temporary "time out" or if my Kinja posts and comments are gone for good.


Well, what can you do?

The grays are where I belong, anyway.

As for those old comments and kinja posts?


Who gives a fuck?

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