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Outtakes from the Denton/Playboy interview

The writer who interviewed Nick Denton for Playboy has published some of the unused Q&A on Forbes, of all places. Interesting nonetheless. All over the map in a way, but some discussion of Kinja, plus this:

BERCOVICI: Because you choose to hire the kind of people who would do that to you. Who would blow the whistle on you if they saw you abusing your power.

DENTON: I choose to hire them. I choose to give them those expectations. And I've sort of given them permission. I've handed them the keys. That's the compact within Gawker. And so even if I'm occasionally weak and I might be tempted to help somebody out or to punish somebody, that I'm giving away this power. I have to give it away because, otherwise, I'm going to be tempted. If I ever did have an off-limits list, they would go after them deliberately. A.J. [Daulerio, Gawker's former editor,] certainly did with Brian Williams. I think he actually even said to me, "I was keeping you honest." That's what he says to me, "I'm just keeping you honest."


Since we're on the topic of Murdoch….

BERCOVICI: What do you think of Rupert buying a $70 million stake in Vice?

DENTON: It's the gruesomely ludicrous efforts of an old man to be relevant.


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