What is up with you and your ilk??

You would be wise to keep an eye on the sky going outdoors or getting out of a car in southeast Springfield. You really should give a hoot because you might be the next target.

Timmery Clark sent us a photo of an owl landed on her head the week before Christmas. "This was the second time the owl landed on me in the space of 5 minutes outside Hebrews Coffee on Republic Road. It was very gentle—I thought it might hurt me, but both times it very calmly and gently settled on my head (even though I was laughing and screaming). It was pretty surreal, but a funny moment to have caught on film!" says Clark.

Most of the attacks, probably about a dozen in all, have been reported in the neighborhoods south of Republic Road, Ravenwood, Spring Creek and Ravenwood South. The owl or owls seem to like landing on human heads.

What's wrong? Are you on drugs? Been drinking some West Virginia water?