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Pakistan's internal Bin Laden report leaked to Al Jazeera

This is an interesting document, outlining the results of an internal investigation by Pakistan, including how Bin Laden was able to live, undetected, inside its borders for so long, and how the US was able to execute a 3-hour military mission deep inside its territory with no reaction from Pakistan's own military or intelligence forces. An excerpt:

Moreover, the board and the commission both found that a mixture of negligence and incompetence shown by several government departments - including the Revenue Department, the local Cantonment board, the local police, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), local utility providers and the Excise & Taxation Department - allowed Bin Laden to escape detection, despite multiple times at which officials in said departments had cause to investigate the house and its inhabitants.


In one particularly telling section of the report, the Commission summarises the situation: "Either OBL was extremely fortunate to not run into anyone [c]ommitted to doing his job honestly, or there was a complete collapse of local governance."

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