So I am in need of a palate cleanser to get the interweb icks out of my mind.

I would lurve it very truly if people would share whatever happy, silly, anything they want all over the comments. I also want to thank all of you all for being so sweet.

Today is the 1st day of 4th grade for Little cheerful and I actually drove her to school, big time stuff with my ankle!! Progress!!!

So I'm thinking about school and such and all of those endless projects. Dioramas, colored-in maps, solar systems out of clay, the science fair. It's really a trip to come full circle and be the parent helping with the projects so I thought I'd share a diorama I helped Little Cheerful make last year (I only did the hot glueing I swear!!) It's a diorama of the book "The Borrowers" (link shows where she got the inspiration)


And then just to be me here's a picture of me from 1988 building an oil derrick out of toothpicks for physics class.


I nearly failed physics, to this day I eschew all of the laws of physics in protest of my grade.


I am happy I'm grown up.

What's your happy??