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Panic Virus

Oh crap, y'all, there's been an outbreak of Ebola in Guinea that's killed over 75 people. I made the mistake of reading The Hot Zone way back in high school and this virus scares the ever loving shit out of me! And what's worse? This outbreak is Ebola Zaire: the 90% fatal version. The (according to The Hot Zone) version that is indistinguishable under an electron microscope from Ebola Reston, which was a 100% fatal and airborne strain that killed all the primates in a medical testing facility in Reston, Virginia (that's in the U.S., y'all). Scientists (again, according to the book), could never figure out what made Reston structurally different from Zaire so that it didn't affect humans, but did affect various other primates, and made it airborne (not just bloodborne), and made it 100% fatal. Who needs science fiction when you've got big nasty baddies like Ebola IRL? shudder. I hope the WHO gets the outbreak contained soon. :-/


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