Someone in the office is in need of a spot of help so I figured I'd see what everyone has to say.

Basically she's received 2 street sweeping tickets saying her car was parked on a street that was being swept in town. Problem is that the first time it happened, she was parked in our parking lot that is nowhere near the streets the city claims she was. The second time she was 30 miles away at the time they say she was parked on the street being cleaned. So clearly someone either has a very similar license plate number and the cop doing the rounds isn't actually paying attention or someone on those streets is modifying their plates so they look like someone else's.

Now, the first ticket was contested and denied. The burden of proof falls to my coworker but there is no "proof" other than eyewitnesses who were here and know her car was in our lot. The second is even harder to prove since she wasn't even here. She was at home babysitting her granddaughter. So she could ask her daughter for a statement but her daughter's name is also attached to the car and it'd seem fishy. Basically, is there any way she can get these tickets to a. Go away and b. Let the city know they keep targeting the wrong license plate number?

Unfortunately they're also saying she has to pay the second one and then contest it so she'd be out the money until they finally give in anyway. The bigger issue is that this will probably keep happening every damn time there's a street cleaning.