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Written in Ink

Pennsylvania High Schoool Student Wounds 20 in Stabbing Rampage, Gun Nuts Ready to Capitalize

With about three months left in the school season, there's likely to be a few more reports of senseless school violence. Today's report comes from the Pittsburgh area where a 16-year old sophomore went on a stabbing rampage through the halls of Franklin Regional High School.

The bloody attack left at least 20 wounded with at least four suffering life threatening injuries. The injured included 19 students and one security guard. Details are still coming on what led to the attack but expect a media frenzy.


Sadly, the story has already launched opinion from those defending the Second Amendment. Right now, it's contained to the idiotic comments of the news stories but the mainstream gun nuts will smell blood in the water soon enough and join the fight.

Find a news outlet's recap and you'll find at least one example. It's hard to miss them.

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