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Pens! Fuck 'Em.

I'm doing some writing and the pen, recently broken in, doesn't write. I turn the paper—luckily, scratch—over, and it works just fine. Go back and the next line, in the same place, left corner, same problem—doesn't write. Turn over, works fine. This happens almost every line of the thing I'm writing, at the same place. But every time I turn the paper over, there's no problem. So there's no rhyme and reason why the pen is being obstreperous, unless it's sentient and just wants to fuck with me. Heralding the digital age, I am generally against. It's great that we can type on computers but I like longhand. But in cases where the damn writing instrument won't cooperate, then bring on the Singularity! Personal preference: I like the Pilot G-2 mini, which has a finer, more like cursive ink—I am ignorant of pen jargon, so that'll have to do. The offending one was a FlexiGrip Elite, though the strange occurrence has happened with all of the pens I've ever used.

This has been another edition of Blanksheet's What Grinds my Gears. If you feel this post was too inconsequential to have wasted precious seconds reading, well, I never claimed I was Seinfeld. Writing about nothing well is hard.


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