Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Does anyone have a good understanding (i.e., not WebMD related) of personality disorders? We took in a houseguest over the weekend; he is the brother of an old friend of Mr. Chase's, someone he met once or twice (the brother that is). When asked if we could help with lodging because the brother had blown so much on a plane ticket and game ticket, of course Mr. said yes. I would have said the same.

But there was something off with this guy and I can't put my finger on it. Googling "personality disorder nonstop talking no filter boundary issues" solved nothing. Basically it was just weird and scary and creepy. Listening to him was exhausting and I can't remember how it got to the point where he was saying, "Everyone has two sides. I have a violent side. I know it." I heard about his urinary tract issues, and how when he got lost leaving Logan he pulled over and whizzed in the street, and when I was briefly alone in the car with him, he started moaning the second Mr. Chase exited. (I suspect the guy has some physical pain issues, but I just can't with him being able to hold it in when a man is present but thinking it's okay to go crazy with audibles when he's alone with a woman.) It was just so weird.


We're debating if we should talk to the brother (Chase's friend) about what we saw. I didn't want to stay in the house with him. I feel bad for feeling that way. But he scared the shit ot of me.

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