I know there are a lot of pet people here, and I was hoping someone could give me some advice about my rescue pug. She is a very sweet, smart little girl, but gets anxious when I go to work. The only way this manifests is pooping and peeing in the house. She knows enough to go on the puppy pads I've put around (thank goodness), but it's been a year and I can't break her of the habit. I know she can hold it, as on the weekend she's fine. I really think it's anxiety, but it's kind of wearing me down. I'm wondering if I should be really strict about our walking schedule, just to structure her a little more. Like always, always walking her at the same time in the morning and afternoon.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Part of me hopes she'll just outgrow it (she's 2 years old), but pugs are stubborn little monkeys. And as smart as I think she is, that's, uh, "pug smart." Which is liiiittle bit dopey.