Because it was re-topped to Groupthink there doesn't appear anything I can do, but directly calling in voters from other forums is pretty uncool. If they came by our banner election organically it would be fine, but this is like bringing-in South Carolina residents to vote in Maryland.

I've removed the ballot from the original post. In my mind this maneuver was similar to sending that rapper to Alaska, except the rapper just went for a couple of hours and he got loads of publicity out of the deal, while having "Adrian Chen" voters (think, a number followed by chan) determine the banner election in Crosstalk would be a bad precedent and produce ill feelings.

I'm going to keep the ballot out until the re-top is deleted and then I'm going to sit on it for thirty minutes so that it will cycle out of everyone's cache. (Further remedies may also be forthcoming)

Update: This post has been re-topped with additional information.