I'm pretty certain that before a direct appeal for votes was posted in another forum, the banner election was at 34 for Cat on Post, 27 for Incumbent Post and 16 for Flipping Cat. As I said in one of my comments, after I saw the plea and as I was writing the embed and trying to figure out how to halt the election, Cat on Post had gone to 38 and now it's at 40.

The only way I can see how many votes came in while the plea was active would be to buy a $200 membership and that's not really anything that I'd like to do. So, I'm proposing a five vote penalty (though if enough people think that's too harsh, I could also see three). With a five vote penalty toward Cat on Post, it would put their vote at 35 and the other two would remain the same, so Cat on Post would still be ahead by eight.

What does everyone else think? What, if anything, should we do with these hanging chads?

FYI & BTW: I've reinserted the ballot. Voting has resumed.