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Please Talk Among Yourselves on Crosstalk While We Gorge on Eggnog

The title of this post is the one Gabriel used when they launched Crosstalk, a couple of days before Christmas of '09. It was envisioned as sort of a community center for the Gawker commentariat to post "thoughts, questions, rants, videos, images or whatever else". Because Kinja is a platform in addition to a commenting system, not only do we have Crosstalk's roots, but we also the ability to do more.


For whatever reason, the powers that be have decided to designate me Keeper of the Bong.

Tomorrow and the next day, I plan to post a how-to or two and a little more about my hopes for the space, but at its heart, the foundation of it all, Crosstalk is a community. It belongs to Gawker Commentariat and the Kinjasphere. It is our Town Square.

Before the doors open wide and we get too far into the future, I wanted to make this nod to this past and provide a space to recruit more community members. If you'd like posting privileges, please reply to this post and in most cases, they will be granted at my earliest opportunity.

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