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Police-related "charity event": making fun of Mike Brown's death

At a charity event organized by a retired cop and attended by lots of law enforcement party-goers, the entertainment included a private investigator singing a song making fun of Mike Brown's death in the form of a parody of the song 'Bad Bad Leroy Brown'. It's just insane.


Singer Gary Fishell is a P.I. who once worked as an investigator for the Federal Government. His lawyer tells TMZ, Fishell now realizes the song was "off color and in poor taste." The lawyer adds, "He's a goofball who writes funny songs." We asked why Fishell would sing this in a room full of cops, and the lawyer replied, "He thought the room would get a kick out of it."


Joe Myers tells TMZ, "How can I dictate what he [Fishell] says in a song?" Myers goes on, "This is America. We can say what we want. This is a free America." Myers adds ... he's done this as an annual event for decades and has raised a lot of money for charity.

Someone who was at the event videotaped it because they were offended by the song and upset no one was objecting.

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