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Written in Ink
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Policing some grammar

I don't know much about Jessica Coen, and I'm sure she's a great writer and editor, and this is just an unfortunate lapse. Let's stipulate that to be the case. But this string of comments cracks me up. First, she misuses the adjective 'faux' as an adverb, and then, in a subsequent comment, compounds the error by having a laugh at commenters who, she believes, use the word incorrectly. And it's a nice touch to see another Jezebel writer giving her the Colbert 'oh snap' gif in a sign of support, though for what I'm not sure. It cheers me to see someone lecturing others on language while mangling the language themselves. ('faux-censoring'...does she believe someone accused her staff of fake censoring people? it makes no sense.) I just like stuff like this. To me, it's the writerly equivalent of slapstick comedy.

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