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Written in Ink
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So I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was great, aside from one specific drunkle, who, after being reprimanded by my kid sister for dragging her cousin's dirty laundry all over the get-together with literally every second sentence.


Our beloved uncle fired back by bringing up a horrific car accident that she was involved in (and deemed not responsible for).

This was Thanksgiving #3, I was a bottle of wine into the evening, and I absolutely lost my temper. It's not like his kids learned any new words during the altercation, but I was whisked away to the back porch and commended for my saintly restraint. Yet, thinking back on it, I really regret not taking a shot at the bastard.

What about you, Crosstalk? Did someone go too far this Thanksgiving? And more importantly, what we all really want to know is:

<a href="


">Should you punch them in their face?</a>

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