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Poll: What do you think of Kinja? (RESULTS)

The following is the text of the original poll with the results displayed. Below it, a pie chart along with the comments. The comments remain open, if anyone has anything to add.

This poll was open 5/1-5/5 and this is the original Crosstalk post, the only one which has accepted comments. At some time and/or multiple times over the open period, this poll was embedded and this post was linked from Observationdeck, Oppositelock, Groupthink, Clashtalk and I thought it was once shared to Whitenoise, but I'm not finding its tag.

Thanks to all who participated and anyone who would like to share the results.

Everybody now has some experience with Kinja. Some more than others, some less, but everyone should have an opinion. On this post is an embedded poll. What do you think?


I'll keep this poll open until 11:59PM Sunday. Occasionally, I'll move this post up in Crosstalk, so that everyone will have a chance to respond or look at the results. I will also embed this poll into the communities to which I have privileges with the comments pointed toward here, so they can be consolidated for easy reference. I'll also likely repeat this call, once or twice.

If anyone would like to share, post or repost it elsewhere, feel free.

(The pre tag still seems buggy, so to embed copy of your own, type http colon slash slash, polldaddy dot com, /poll/7075490/ into a post. If you'd like, please credit Crosstalk)


On Monday, I'll post and submit the results.

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