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Polling for Control of the GOP

Jim DeMint's Heritage Foundation is trying to cajole one hundred Republican members of Congress into signing a letter asking Speaker Boehner to resist any spending bills which would fund implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Thus far, 80 members have signed.

It is widely understood that if the upcoming federal budget does not contain the necessary allocations to keep Obamacare on track, the Democrats will not support it, which could trigger a government shutdown.

Toward that end, Heritage Action is hosting nine Town Halls in areas heavy with conservatives and they've conducted a poll in ten congressional districts with 41% of the respondents Republican, 78% older than 41. Though the number they highlight are the 22% of respondents who identify as "independents" or "no party" (220 voters spread over the ten selected districts), 57% of which "strongly support" defunding Obamacare.


To push back, a poll "for Republican members of Congress" was done, which found that 71% of Americans oppose a government shutdown including more than 50% of Republicans.

The Heritage Foundation says that because they haven't explicitly called for a government shutdown and a shutdown by itself won't defund Obamacare, the other poll is "a strawman".


The following is a report from Nashville's WKRN, hosted on the Heritage Foundation's YouTube channel about a recent Town Hall.

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