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Popchips, reviewed

About a month ago I wrote a silly post on my dislike for Sun Chips, and corn chips in general. I said give me the good old fashioned potato variety. Don't mess with success. Don't reinvent the wheel: potato chips are great as they are, no need to change them. Well, this got a snack discussion—the most thirsty of all discussions—going, and good commenter gramercypolice asked me what I thought about Popchips. I replied I hadn't heard of them. This was before they went big, with the dorky commercials, one of which you see above. Last week, I stopped into a Fresh & Easy to do some ancillary shopping, saw the bags, and picked one up. The Barbeque Potato.


I'm eating them as I type, getting the keyboard smudged, but that's not as oily and dusty as if I were writing eating regular chips. That's probably because to reduce the fat content, they made do with less than potatoes. I think. The first ingredient in the list is something called "Potato Ingredients" made up of "Potato Flakes" and "Potato Starch." The chips aren't bad, and I can see eating them regularly, but they do have a Pringles feel and taste (but better) and last I heard those were dried potatoes. This review is actually incomplete—I haven't tried the regular flavor. The barbeque flavoring is always nice on anything. So, I like them. Thanks, gramercy.

The price for 3 servings of 20 chips each, 120 calories per serving, 35 which are fat, 4 grams-6% of fat, with no saturated fat—the price for that: $2.99 for a larger than snack sized but smaller than a regular bag. Of all places, made in San Francisco (of course). If the Soylent guy can make chips into a healthy smoothie, I'd try it.

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