"The words the Pope stumbled on were 'caso' (example) and 'cazzo' which means 'f***' in Italian and often trips up those not used to speaking the language," as Britain's The Daily Mail reports. The Telegraph reports that the word has other translations.


Readers' comments saying we misrepresented the pope's speech led us to do more research; we've made some changes to this post as a result.

Before publishing this post earlier today, we confirmed that the word "cazzo" has several possible translations into English, including the f-word. That meshed with reports we saw on Twitter, and in Italian media, that dated to Sunday afternoon (well before any English-speaking media outlets had reported on the gaffe).

But the word's main denotation is as a vulgar term for "penis." It also has connotations and uses — in phrases or as an exclamation — that are commonly translated as the f-word. A look at the Collins Italian-English dictionary explains the differences in frank terms (warning: the language is stronger than we'd use here).

Raspberries. I still believe that the Pope swears because it is the reality I endorse and a vulgar form of penis is still pretty good. 12 year old Snack found that type of swearing positively exciting.

More proof that this Pope is best Pope. Link. (PS. I do think this Pope is the best Pope I've seen and yes, yes, everytime I post this, someone gives me a long skeptical reason why I'm wrong. Before you post, I've heard this all before. ALL OF IT.)