As you may or may not know award winning author Poppy Z. Brite has been going through really bad times lately. Particularly while he goes through his transition from female to male.

He's been eating simply based on selling stuff on Etsy but as he posted a couple hours ago on Facebook:

"Unfortunately, NOLA Looks may be closing on November 23, as I've made a miserable hash of my life and cannot even pay my Etsy fees. If there's anything you have had your eye on in the shop, you may want to grab it before the 23rd. I will try to keep it open after that, but I'm just so goddamn tired."

That link is to the artwork he's really trying hard to sell to keep food on the table.

If you've ever read and loved one of his books can you please spread the word. I know a lot of people can't afford to buy stuff right now but just linking to stuff or getting the media to know what's going on could make a big difference.