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Update - Not an Active Shooter at Mississippi State

Update: danger has passed

There is/was a reported active shooter at Mississippi State University this hour. He is reportedly in custody now. At 10:20 a Maroon Alert went out advising all students and employees to get to a safe place.


Will update.

I cannot seem to embed the tweets without having 8 copies of the same tweet appear.


The Maroon Alerts showed an active shooter in Carpenter Hall at 10:20, then moving to Lee Hall and then by 10:40 a suspect in custody, with a seek shelter alert still in place.

Facebook posts opened the possibility of a second shooter. Those were quickly debunked.


Photos of a man in custody emerged.

Classes suspended until 2 p.m., shelter in place still ordered.

All clear, no danger. Classes to resume at 2.

New York Daily News is reporting shots were fired, but MSU officials have not released information of shots fired or any victims.


Other news agencies report no shots fired, NYDN are idiots.

Grain of Salt update: my friend who was on a conference call with MSU official when it happened said: “It was a suicidal student who threatened another student who tried to stop him from shooting himself.”


I have removed the image of the man in custody on the chance that this was an attempted suicide.

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