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Postcards from Tumorville

I am very ready for 2016.

Year In Review

I began the year with my boss from hell. Upon returning to work on January 5, I had a meltdown from her cruelty. This was the meeting she told me that the log of daily activities she had me filling out had too many gaps: “Do you remember what you were doing from 9:20 to 9:24? It’s not written on here.”


I had several job interviews during this time but was never offered a position. I asked one of them for feedback and she said that information from one of my employers raised some red flags. All of my references are pristine and I have very friendly relationships with all of my former bosses. I did not put boss from hell as a reference, but she was listed as my current supervisor. I told this to HR, but they said she denied it.

It wasn’t until the beginning of March, following several meetings with HR begging for assistance, that I finally discovered she had changed at least one of my time sheets after I signed it and turned it in to her. This was the tangible proof I needed and told my new VP that I was going to consult an attorney, but if he wanted to get caught up before my appointment, I would meet with him. Two weeks later my boss from hell told me in our weekly meeting that she was stepping down to spend time doing volunteer work.

I went a couple months before finding out I had moderately severe gastritis following an endoscopy. After completing two months of medicine for that I had a slight reprieve. Things were looking up.

November 4th I got the call from my Neurologist about my brain tumor. I’ve been alternating between going to doctors appointments and napping from the pain killers since.


Until Christmas Eve. I had to take my sweet sweet cat Elliott to the vet to be put down. She had fluid built up around her lungs and couldn’t breathe. She was 17 and finding the cause would most likely have resulted in a prognosis that would be untreatable or cause too much pain for her age.

I figure I’ve got less than 17 hours left this year. I’m staying in the house. Short of carbon monoxide poisoning or home invasion I might be safe.


January Jitters

Surgery was originally scheduled for January 5. It was then pushed to January 18 and now it is January 25. If they push it back again, I am going to get some rubbing alcohol, my husband’s drill and a spoon. I started on fiorcet, went to Tylenol 3, Tylenol 4 and now I am on 2 Tylenol 4 every 4 hours. At this rate I will be mainlining heroin every 2 hours by the time of my surgery.


I’ve started watching YouTube videos of craniotomies. You would think it would make me nervous, but it puts me at ease by how they remove the tumors with such precision. On the flip side, I’ve started getting really crabby. I’ve been snapping at my husband whenever he picks on me.

In turn, he gets upset (mad) when I wonder about what life would be like if there are complications. He has this ‘everything will be fine’ attitude which I guess I should appreciate but if feels more like he is underestimate what is going on. I don’t want him to be terrified, but I have this feeling like he should be worried. Right?


So, that's all for now. I plan to post again describing the fun stuff about the surgery and after, so there's that to look forward to!

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