Jeez, this American igloo deserved its own medal in the Olympics. At nearly six feet tall and ten inches thick, it would have made the entire nation of Canada feel inadequate.

(The only artisanal igloo I've seen in my part of the world was a pitiful, half-assed, half-finished affair, made out of plastic bags packed with snow piled on top of one another—hell, we're supposed to own this thing, because like 38% of us were born in igloos*!)

But that's okay: we have ice hotels, which are even better. And perhaps it was because it knew it could never be an ice hotel that this igloo chose to become a pot igloo, stalking your campuses and consorting with your depraved University of Utah dopefiends. Luckily, this igloo won't be corrupting the youth any longer:

The igloo has since been destroyed by police officers wielding sledgehammers.

RIP pot igloo (???—Jan. 31,2014).

* not intended to be a factual statement