Over the weekend, a white man (and Iraq War Veteran) was critically injured by a reported mob of angry black Waffle House patrons in West Point, Miss. With the absence of any other particulars, his friend who arrived halfway through a verbal altercation was told there were people inside who were angry about the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, and the restaurant wasn't "safe for whites."

At that point, he took his friend to Huddle House, which I suppose was deemed a more suitable place for whites to get overnight breakfast/dinner. The mob of angry black diners allegedly followed them to the Huddle House parking lot and the Iraq Vet ended with injuries serious enough to require a medically induced coma.

Now the West Point Police chief has requested the assistance of the FBI in the investigation and has released information about conflicting witness statements putting into question whether it was a hate crime or just an altercation.

So, what answers do you need to prepare to give:

  • Yes, we have seen it reported on the news.
  • It seems like law enforcement has immediately called for assistance and is being forthcoming with the information.
  • According to some witnesses, Weems - the Iraq Vet - was a participant in the altercation and not merely a victim.
  • Life is not about tit-for-tat, bad things can happen to people of two different races and they don't cancel each other out.