I usually hate chick flicks, and Pretty In Pink is certainly a chick flick, and I like it anyway. That's because unlike most chick flicks the characters seem real, the acting is great and the writing is super tight. But, it then manages to fuck if up by violating the one cardinal rule of romantic chick flicks - the girl has to end up with the best of all possible male choices presented in the film. For example if you have a movie staring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Gary Busey, Meg cannot end up with Busey, she has to end up with Hanks.

Pretty In Pink violates this rule so much that it makes me want to tear my hair out. Just consider Andie's options:

Ducky: Played by John Cryer. First off, does anyone want to fuck Jon Cryer? Beyond that he's clearly going to come out as a gay bottom his first semester in college and break her heart. The fact that they screen tested a version of the movie with her ending up with him is insane.

Blane. Played by Andrew McCarthy as the most shallow dude on earth. Peer pressure and social standing will make him do nearly anything. And there is very little that is masculine about his character at all. He has nearly no ability to stand up for himself. And, as soon as he goes to college you know he's going to find some rich girl who went to all the right schools that he can bring home and impress his parents with and totally break Andie's heart. Yet, she ends up with him. Instead of being happy for Andie we end up feeling bad because she's clearly going to get fucked over down the line.

Steff. Played by James Spader. A guy who gives no fucks at all, actually respects Andie because she stands up for herself and more importantly he is willing to stand up for himself. He acts like an adult man, doesn't ever give into peer pressure and would totally stand up for Andie. Plus, you know he and Andie would have hot kinky sex. He'd be a switch and some nights she'd have him tied to the bed and be sitting on his face and pinching his nipples and the next night he'd be doing her doggy style and spanking her. And they'd both love it and he'd totally stay by her once she broke through his shell - because he's used to girls totally giving into him, so by her not being willing to put up with his shit, he'd fall totally in love with her. He's the guy she's supposed to end up with and the movie totally chickens out by not making it happen.