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Written in Ink
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Priceonomics: On Being Really, Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking

Interesting post from a good Tumblr blog (though, really, I fucking hate these longread posts that don't use the 'read more' link to avoid blotting out my whole dashboard for 20 seconds of scrolling). The image below is an amalgam of hot-or-not photos, by rating. From the original post: However, academic work on beauty finds that much of what we find attractive is consistent over time and across cultures. In general, people find symmetry and averageness of features attractive in faces. When images of perfectly symmetrical faces are created in Photoshop, people like them better. The same is true of photos created by merging many faces to get a composite. Scientists speculate that we prefer symmetry and average features because they (at least at some point) indicated healthy genes or other evolutionary advantages.

More evidence of a universal, objective basis for beauty comes from studies of babies presented with pictures of different faces. The pictures the babies gazed at the longest were consistently the ones rated as most attractive by panels of adults.

Illustration for article titled Priceonomics: On Being Really, Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking

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