Every season, diehard watchers proclaim this season of Project Runway either the death knell or the rebirth of the franchise.

This season has found many viewers saying both things in the course of ninety minutes. I mean, the show gave us this:

A grown man who doesn't believe in using electricity or wearing heels and make-up on the runway because it isn't "sustainable," sobbing over a clearly fabricated love letter from a model (*coughcoughproductionassistant*) that affirmed his belief in unicorns.

I wish there was some part of that I'm making up. But I'm not. The man believes in unicorns.

We also had this whackjob:


I can't even with that one. He assaulted a cameraman and a crew on his way out the door to a self-imposed auf.

And just when we thought all the crazy had been excised from this season, along came Lilliputian Ken:


Ken lost his wad because Helen asked Tim Gunn something about the - oh who cares? He went nuts. Because going nuts is apparently the Project Runway-way.

In spite of his battery, Ken survived the judging on Thursday night, which meant that - because the Bunim/Murray execs refuse to schedule the show in a way that minimizes the number of decoy shows at Fashion Week - we knew Ken was one of the nine that would show on Friday morning (any designer not auf'd before Fashion Week gets a decoy show to cover until they are cut).

Only he didn't show. No explanation as to why.

The mystery is, obviously, what the hell happened. Does he quit? Is he removed for being violent? (He basically threatened Helen verbally and with a pair of scissors on Thursday.) I've been inquiring around, to no avail. Ken was apparently in the PR tent on Friday, but his Twitter makes it sound like his appearance was under duress.


Does anyone truly enjoy watching this kind of reality? I love PR for the creativity; I don't need the drama. I can accept the necessity of drama on a limited basis, but not as a week-in, week-out narrative. If anything is gleaned from this season, I hope to god it is that a psych eval should be mandatory for all eligible participants. Way, way too much crazy this season.