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PT Anderson's is screening his film of Pynchon's 'Inherent Vice'

Apparently, early screenings are taking place and apparently people apparently think the movie is unlike anything Paul Thomas Anderson has made before. I'm not the biggest fan of Anderson's films — they're ambitious but (to me) feel inert on the screen. But the early feedback apparently captured at these screenings is that this movie will be very different in tone for him and that could be a good thing. Joaquin Phoenix, Martin Short, Reese Witherspoon, Jena Malone, Maya Rudolph, and Josh Brolin are in the cast and you can see some stills from the shooting set here. This is what CinemaBlend has to say:

Back to the film itself, The Big Lebowski and The Long Goodbye are naturally both being mentioned as spiritual kin to Inherent Vice and all of its comic weirdness. But is the comparison to The Coen Bros and even Robert Altman really thatfar out?

When you look at Paul Thomas Anderson's films, he really does seem to inhabit this middle ground between the Coen's commentary on the absurdity of life and Altman's character focused, slow burn dramas. Through this lens, Inherent Vice doesn't seem all that far off for the man who brought us There Will Be Blood. Still, audiences at next month's New York Film Festival are going to find themselves in an interesting situation that will make them, as one reviewer put it, " laugh out loud several times, but not in the ways you might expect."


Inherent Vice alters minds in a probably limited release on December 12th.

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