What's that you say? Is bossly #4 definitely going to get the message I just went through the trouble of sifting out from your vocal perambulations so that it would fit on this three line message pad? Can I promise you that she will get the message? Why, no, actually. I am sorry but you really should know that no one who answers the phone ever actually gives those messages to anybody. We wad them up with chewing gum and thumbtacks then we hurl them out the fire escape so it falls out several storeys and lands in the hair of some poor sap who is probably making an obnoxious phone call much like yours. And then of course, if we do feel so magnanimous as to pass on your pointless recitations, we have to worry about the wormhole that rips through the space-time continuum right around the area at the edge of our employers' desks. One day I almost walked right into it and now I only have four fingers on my left foot. Don't get me started.