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Public Service Announcement

A Message To Bicycle Commuters Who Insist On Riding Into Oncoming Traffic Smack In The Middle of The Lane:

You are not good at this whole basic physics thing, are you? Well, let me explain to you. A man on a tiny little bicycle has a lot more capacity to stop and/or move aside on his little spindly bicycle, which he is driving the wrong way down the street, than the full size vehicles coming toward you at 40 miles per hour - driving the right way down the street - have to slow down, stop or swerve into the next, often occupied lane to get out of your way. Which is not your way at all, because you are going the wrong way. So maybe riding down the middle of the damned lane around a blind curve and expecting anyone there to deal with it effectively while you refuse to move over is not the most logical path. Just, you know, think about it.


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