Why can't we comment on the Playboy articles? Because I want the author of that Pixies article to verify this quote:

It's completely anecdotal and unconfirmed, but a friend in the music business once told me that the individual members were contacted about the prospect of launching a reunion tour by being asked, "How would you like to make a million dollars this year?"

Really? If the anecdote is unconfirmed don't fucking write it. Also, if you're going to shit on a record talk about the fucking record. Great. You know the history of the Pixies. Fantastic. But don't compare it to the Star Wars Prequels and then write one paragraph with no details explaining why you think it sucks. Just saying "Well the expectations are high and they will disappoint because they aren't the same as they were thirty years ago" with no critical breakdown as to why the new record destroys their career is just fucking stupid.