I'm not looking to discuss or debate the subject, you can do that on her post, but I wanted to point out that the Groupthink share about Miley Cyrus which appears below, right now has 29,000+ views, 24,000+ uniques and 3200+ Likes, all without appearing on the front page of any ad-supported Gawker Media blog.

Forty-five minutes ago, I described it as having 20k+ views and the numbers are still growing.

@NinjaCate has set a high bar. Wow!

Update: It's now up to 100k+ pageviews with 85k uniques.

2nd Update: When the post was shared to Front.kinja.com, it had in the neighborhood of 200,000 pageviews, 175,000 uniques and 21,000 likes. Though it should probably be noted that at least a dozen of those pageviews were me.