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R.I.P. Bunheads, 2012-2013

Officially cancelled as of July 22, 2013.

You were a good show. An adequate show. You made no sense whatsoever, but I still liked you, because I enjoy shows about goofy little small-town communities.


One thing: I can never get over Sherman-Palladino economics. Characters who spend crazy money on things like clothing, house remodeling, extended yoga retreats, and mountains of snack food. Where is it coming from? Who cares? Lorelei is eating three different kinds of cake, now shut up and be enchanted. Nothing makes sense in an Amy Sherman-Palladino project! The sky rains gummy bears, and neighborly kindness is everywhere.

Does your 16 year-old daughter want to move into an apartment of her own? (A thing, a plot development that really happened on Bunheads.) Sure! Why not? Just give her a credit card and let her go wild.

But I digress. There was something addictive about the abundance of Bunheads. I'll miss watching the young Bunheads grow into adulthood. I'll miss the whacky plots, the comedy, the girly chatter, the non sequiturs exchanged at breakneck speed. — And the dancing! Oh, the dancing. — I'll always love them for hiring Alan Ruck and Liza Weil, even though the very premise of the show, that Ruck's character was killed off at the end of the first episode, makes no sense. (It could have been a whole story about how a hard-living chorus girl finds love and acceptance. I would have eaten it up with two spoons. One in each hand.) But at least they're consistent!

[ETA: Magister points out that Katie Dries has already written about the cancellation with a thoughtful post mortem of her own.]


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