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Written in Ink

I just listened to a conversation on NPR with Jim DeRogatis, Jessica Hopper, and Mikki Kendall. It's all about how R. Kelly still continues to do what he does despite a history of being a sexual predator and has had dozens of underage women come forward accusing him of statutory rape. If I find a recording of the conversation later I'll post it, but I couldn't find it while I was writing this.

The discussion was a response to this article in the Village Voice. However it's worth a look to read Mikki's own experience with Kelly at a Hyde Park McDonald's, a place Kelly would troll for underage girls. It's an open secret on the South Side but not one that gets a lot of attention. It's important to see what Kelly is: a man who celebrates his underage conquests in song and has a past of going after underage girls. I have no evidence to suggest he does this today but such a conjecture would not be unfounded. In the discussion Mikki made it clear that R. Kelly has a formula and she has heard the same set-up and story from women in various cities: Detroit, Atlanta, LA.

It's incredibly frustrating that R. Kelly gets a pass because of his talent and the usual response to his actions are "I like R. Kelly. I don't care what he does." or people just forget that he's been caught on tape having underage sex. Or the whole Aliyah marriage thing. But you might wonder, what does Kelly himself think about this? Here you go.


Again, I'll look later to see if the discussion gets put up but this is what I can give you now.

**NPR just put up a timeline of R.Kelly's career along with Jim's interviews here.

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