Written in Ink
Written in Ink

My friends and I were very excited yesterday at the news that former Mississippi Governor William Winter was going to be on the Rachel Maddow show that night.

Winter came through his time as a politician in Mississippi first as “practical segregationist.” He and the other moderates like him argued for a slow approach within the state toward equality through small changes. His ambivalence on segregation evolved over time through his terms as state legislator, state treasurer, gubernatorial candidate and eventually governor. He began by quietly opposing the Council of Concerned Citizens and worked his way into rallying white Mississippians to reject the violent immoral actions of segregationists. He is known for the great education reform he brought to Mississippi and his founding of the William Winter Center for Racial Reconciliation at Ole Miss. He is a recipient both of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Award, National Education Association.


Unfortunately we later received word that the show had cancelled on him, just as fast as they had booked him. This morning Sam Biddle posted the pat on the back video below to his facebook showing what Maddow spent her time covering instead. Congratulations, Gawker.

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