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Two things. And any GTers out there, I'd especially appreciate your opinions, but I don't have posting privs over yonder. Anyhoo, onward:

Has anyone else noticed a new(?) tendency to leave a comment on Jezebel, directed at one of the writers, but calling them by a male name? I don't read the Jez MP often (as often as, say, gawker or io9), but I've noticed this at least twice already. One commenter was commenting to Gabrielle (ok, so maybe that was gawker), but wrote their comment as "hey Gabe(rielle)..." And another commenter left a comment to Rebecca Rose and wrote it as "Burt (Rebecca)..."

Actually, I think I've seen Rebecca Rose referred to as Burt more than once. Am I missing something? Is Rebecca Rose really a man using a female sounding screen name? What's up with commenters calling authors by names that indicate a different gender? I don't see that happening to any of the male authors.


And, the second thing, which is much more light hearted:

What color should I paint my toes, y'all? I'm doing a pedi, already have the base coat on, and can't decide what color to use. I have pretty much every color under the rainbow, so help me decide, CT and GT! Muchisimas gracias!

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