This is just unbelievable to me. As some of you may know, I live in the great state of North Carolina, which recently introduced HB 603, prohibiting women under the age of 18 from receiving psychiatric or reproductive healthcare without the written, notarized consent of their parents. North Carolina, which is under GOP supermajority rule for the first time in two generations, also introduced the 2013 Motorcycle Safety Bill which, as the title clearly suggests, effectively restricts safe access to abortion services to the majority of Carolina women.

However! North Carolina, it seems, has been out-douched by another rapidly failing state. No, it's not Mississippi. The winner is... Michigan! This past week, Michigan state lawmakers moved to introduce the Abortion Exclusion Act. The Abortion Exclusion Act would strip insurance coverage for abortion services from Medicaid, Medicare, and any plan provided under the Affordable Care Act.

There are no exceptions. No, being a victim of rape does not mean that you are still covered. Instead, women would be forced to purchase a supplemental, opt-in insurance policy should they require the basic human right to control over their own bodies that is covered in the Affordable Care Act. That's right: if you live in Michigan, you will need to go see an insurance doctor and be assessed for coverage in the event you need an abortion at any point in the future, because going through the unimaginable horror of carrying the child of the man who sexually assaulted you is totally something all women plan ahead for. "Oh honey, I'm sorry I can't make it out on Thursday; I'm scheduled to be violently raped and impregnated by my brother-in-law that day." It is misogyny based from religion.

Here, I drew a little diagram of how qualifying for abortion/rape insurance will work:


The bill was written by Right to Life Michigan, an organization of far-right Christian housewives and misogynists, and based on their Blogspot (which I won't link because reading it will ruin your whole day). Here is their claimed list of "accomplishments"

  • In 2013, five Michigan abortion businesses closed their doors. We have helped close 10 abortion businesses in the last 23 months. Back in the late 1980's, there were approximately 72 free-standing abortion clinics operating in our state. Today, only 28 remain.
  • We are very close to "opting out" of mandatory abortion provisions found in the Affordable Care Act. Together we collected more than 316,000 signatures to initiate the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act.
  • Michigan abortions performed in 2012 represent the second-lowest level since official record-keeping began back in 1979.
  • Teen abortions are down 73 percent since 1990.
  • Overall, we have cut the abortion rate in Michigan by more than half since the peak year of 1987.


Good job guys, you're really doing God's work over there in the utopian land of Detroit. I'm sure women everywhere thank you for making choices for them.

This is Michigan we're talking about here. A fascinating study called the Donohue-Levitt Hypothesis suggests that there is a statistically significant inverse correlation between women's access to abortion and family planning services and the rate of violent crime. Occam's Razor naturally leads us to the assumption that fewer children born into the world as orphans, abused or neglected, or raised in the broken prison that is American child welfare services.


If you live in Michigan, please call your representative and do your damndest to express how absurd this bill is.


h/t to my SO for bringing this ridiculousness to my attention. She has her own blog here on Tumblr

UPDATE: The bill has passed, meaning coverage for family planning and abortion services in Michigan now require a special additional insurance policy to cover women's reproductive health services.