Having obtained more than enough signatures to prompt a recall vote, in accordance with the procedures, a banner election has been called. Using the embedded ballot, anyone can vote as to whether a new field of candidates should be considered and in this post's comments, potential challengers can be nominated.

If the recall vote is successful, the incumbent will automatically be a candidate in a primary election along with any candidates nominated below. Previous candidates can also be renominated and there is no limitation on how many candidates one person can nominate.

This recall ballot and the nominating convention will close at 6 AM (EST) on February 2rd and if the recall vote is successful, a primary election will be held over at least 72 hrs, followed by a run-off between the top two candidates and any write-in votes over at least another 72.

The 72 hour timeframes have been selected to allow for maximum participation. It should also be noted that though the banner will ordinarily display at 300px x 90px, whenever possible, nominated banners should be 600px by no more than 180px and they should not be larger than 10mb; transparent png files are also acceptable, while NSFW images are not.

For refresher of how things went during the previous banner election, a combination of both the banner-election and banner tags draw a pretty good picture. So that future elections will have access to a similar resource, let's try to use a banner tag for any campaigning and we'll use banner-election for the ballots and results.


Most of all, let's have fun.

This post will occasionally be bumped or pointers posted while polls are open.
(originally posted: 2:20 AM on 1/30/14)