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From Wired:

So, like any Silicon Valley tech outfit, Reddit is trying something new. Tomorrow [ed: today, October 6th] the company is launching a standalone news site, Upvoted, to capitalize on what it does best: surfacing interesting stuff from the Internet. Except for Upvoted, the interesting stuff will come from Reddit itself.

In the works for the past year, the site looks and feels much like any other news site out there. It will have stories, infographics, illustrations, videos, and podcasts. It will include articles on news, sports, animals, and lifestyle issues. It will have its own website, upvoted.com, and a dedicated editorial team creating original stories. But, unlike other news sites, it will be a part of Reddit. And, very much unlike Reddit, it won’t allow comments on the site at all. (Nor, despite its name, will it have any kind of upvoting system.)


It is, of course, quite amusing that they will not allow comments on their own site. On the other hand, given how difficult it is for them to monetize their forums, I can see this new venture as a possible way to make some money out of the property. I wonder if Redditors will complain that their stuff gets “ripped”, like they do about half the internet.

Today, Wired also published a longread: Inside Reddit’s Plan to Recover from its Epic Meltdown.

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